A Nut Milk Bag You Can Rely On

At Nutiana, we take our nut milk seriously. It makes us sick to see our friends and family drink the watery junk that passes as almond milk in the grocery store today. This stuff doesn’t come close to the creamy, rich almond milk that can be made in just a few minutes at home. It is our mission to spread the joy of homemade almond milk and teach people just how easy it is for everyone to make.

About Us

Rachel & Matt - Founders, Nutiana

Rachel Snow and Matt Spaeth – Founders, Nutiana

Matt is a food activist and co-founder of Food Integrity Now, the blog and podcast. Rachel is a clinical nutritionist and is passionate about maintaining health through a balanced diet. Together we are two foodies who classify eating as our favorite hobby and we are dedicated to healthy eating. Imagine our disappointment when we discovered we both had an allergy to our favorite food – dairy. Finding out we had to give up our creamy raw dairy share, and delicious cheeses, was easily the saddest day of our life.

Searching for dairy alternatives turned out to be easier than expected, but hugely disappointing. The store-bought almond milk just wasn’t cutting it! Not only was it lacking the creaminess and richness we sought after, but it definitely wasn’t passing the taste test.

We take the quality of our food and the purity of the ingredients seriously. When we saw how many preservatives and chemicals were in the boxed stuff we decided to research if there was a better way.

Thankfully we found it. When we discovered how good homemade almond milk could be, and how much money it could save us, we quickly became avid nut milkers. However the nut milk bags on the market just weren’t cutting it for the way we plowed through nut milks. The flimsy nut milk bags available were either too small or broke at the seams, and actually made it more of a hassle to make our own milks.

The Perfect Nut Milk Bag

We set out to create the perfect nut milk bag. One we could rely on day and day out. For us, making nut milk is not a hobby, it is an important part of our daily meals. So we needed a nut milk bag that is easy to use, easy to clean and durable.

The Nutiana Nut Milk Bag XL is our solution.

We designed it to be big enough to handle large batches of nut milk without spilling over. Too many bags we tried over the years were too small and couldn’t handle making more than a few cups of milk at a time.

We gave it a round bottom so your nut milk funnels smoothly into your pitcher without making a mess. Many other nut milk bags have square bottoms. When you squeeze these bags, the milk shoots out both corners, spraying down your kitchen instead of going into your pitcher.

We use only the finest food grade nylon mesh available. Your health is our priority and we only use materials that are FDA-approved for food contact.

Finally, we package our nut milk bags in a reusable mylar bag that you can use for safely storing it. This keeps it clean and protected so it’s always ready for when you need it.

You Will Never Go Back to Store-Bought Almond Milk Again

Once you taste your own homemade almond milk for the first time, you will never go back to store-bought almond milk ever again. It’s just incomparable.

Homemade almond milk made with our recipe comes out with the same consistency as 2% dairy milk. Tell us about any store-bought almond milk that can make the same claims. They don’t even come close.

Try It Out at No Risk

We are so confident that you will love our nut milk bag that we offer a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases. If you don’t like it for any reason, we will gladly refund your full purchase price.

Isn’t it time to add something healthy, nutritious AND delicious to your diet?

Click the link below and experience the joys of making nut milk at home with the Nutiana Nut Milk Bag XL.