How to Sprout Seeds, Nuts, Beans and Grains
Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten-Free
Sprouting is a very easy process that involves an initial soak of your dry seeds, nuts, beans or grains followed by intermittent rinsing. Times vary depending on what you're sprouting so make sure to check the sprouting chart on this page.
  • Dry seeds, nuts, beans or grains. Amount will vary depending on what you're sprouting and desired yield.
  • Large bowl of cool water.
  1. Place your dry seeds, nuts, beans or grains in your nut milk bag and pull the drawstring to close.
  2. Submerge the nut milk bag containing the seeds in the bowl of water. Let stand for the amount of time indicated on the sprouting chart.
  3. After soaking time has elapsed, pull the nut milk bag out of the water. Water your plants with the soaking water.
  4. Hang nut milk bag over an empty bowl to catch the drips. A cabinet knob works great for hanging your nut milk bag. Just make sure the nut milk bag is not exposed to direct sunlight at any point in the day, as this will cause your sprouting material to dry out.
Rinse Periodically
  1. Now you just need to rinse your sprouts a couple times a day until they are ready. In most climates, rinsing every 8-12 hours is good. You want to make sure they never dry out. Check them more frequently when you're starting out to get a feel for what works where you live.
  2. There are two ways you keep your sprouts moist. You can just give them a quick dunk in a bowl of water or you can turn on your faucet and let the water flow over the bag. Either is fine.
  3. Your sprouts are done when the sprout length is roughly the same size or twice as big as the seed.
*Sprouts are great by themselves, sprinkled over salads or in sandwiches. Get creative and make your own recipes!
*Sprouts grow best at room temperature (70-75 degrees F). If your house is warmer or cooler it may affect sprouting times.
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